Update – February 2023

Two councillors have been co-opted which means all the Parish Council seats are now filled.  We welcome back Simon Dodson, who had to stand down at the last election due to work commitments, and also a warm welcome  to Annette Mills, who has recently moved into the area.

Update – 23/11/2022

An election was not requested and therefore the members of the Parish Council can now proceed to co-opt two new members.  Any person who fulfils the criteria for membership can put themselves forward by 5pm on Thursday, December 8th 2022.  Please see the link below for details of eligibility.  A signed written letter is required by the Clerk but in view of the current delays in mail delivery, the Clerk will accept an e-mail announcing an intention to stand and that a letter is in the post – arretonpc@outlook.com

Notice of co-option Nov 2022


Over the summer two members of the Parish Council resigned; Martin Kimber moved to the mainland and Heather Calloway left for personal reasons.  We thank them for all work that they did during their time in office, which was quite considerable.  When a councillor leaves mid-term, it is known as a casual vacancy and there is a set procedure to be undertaken to replace them.

The first stage is to ask if any ten residents of the Parish wish an election to be held.  Any resident who wishes to request an election should contact the Proper Officer of the IW Council and details are in the notice below.  Should be such a request then the process is handed over to the Proper Officer, who arranges an election on our behalf but the charge falls on the Parish Council.  This has only happened once in the last few years and on that occasion the cost to the Parish Council was over £1,500.00

An election will go ahead if more than two people stand, otherwise they will be elected unopposed.  If there are not enough candidates to fill both seats or an election is not requested, then the members of the Parish Council can co-opt one or two willing residents.  Further information will be available once the initial stage has been completed.

Notice vacancies October 2022



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