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If you are interested in gripping murder mysteries, tear-jerking melodramas or passionate romances then Arreton Community Theatre is not for you.  We only do comedy – but we think that we do it rather well.  Whether it is Shakespeare, Restoration Comedy, or more modern classics that are on the programme, we guarantee laughs galore.

In our last production we had cast members ranging in age from 8 to 76 and we worked well together.  We are not a bunch of luvvies, nor are we really serious thespians.  We are a group of people who get together to enjoy ourselves putting on shows which other people enjoy watching.  Of course one of the great advantages of comedy is that if you do something stupid, trip over the scenery, or fall off your chair, the audience will just think that it is part of the plot – and laugh.

Here is a message from our Director.

An Opportunity to tread the boards….

Have you ever wondered how it all comes together? Perhaps you have thought “I bet I could do that” and then lacked the courage to find out whether you really could.  Don’t worry.  We have all been through that stage and with the help of friendly colleagues, we overcome the jitters.  It’s all part of treading the boards.  (And the jitters never really go away – it the adrenalin which aids a good performance.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to dip your toe in – firstly by inviting you to a Workshop to explore some of the skills you will need if you are going to get involved – and then by possibly  offering  you a role in our next production.    Don’t worry.  You won’t be expected to take on a demanding role-unless you really want to – but perhaps you would enjoy being part of an ensemble group on stage – and in a large group no-one will really notice if you miss a word here or there (Although the Director will…)   There is a scene in an eighteenth century alehouse where a lot of boozy people are singing and behaving rather raucously, where you can get involved and have fun, and find out how it feels to be part of an acting group on stage.

For these roles age and sex are no barrier.  Ideally from teenage upwards – as long as you are happy to clutch a tankard and belt out a boozy song

We are also looking for a young woman to take a leading role – according to the script she is about nineteen (possibly younger) – and there must be a young person in the village who has perhaps done a bit of drama at school and would like to take on a challenging famous comic role and enjoy the experience of acting in one of our productions.

Get in touch with Isabel Favell on  01983 527553 to find out more.



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November 2, 2016

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